Interview with Pete (Afterglow)

Our very first website update, here at GGTB… We caught up with Pete McDonagh from Afterglow.

GGTB: Hi Pete. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Pete: I am Pete McDonagh, singer with Afterglow Genesis Tribute Band. I have been looking to join a Genesis tribute band for years but living in Ireland, the land of the fiddle and tin whistle, not many opportunities arose. I saw the ad 18 months ago for Afterglow and decided to fly over for an audition. The rest of the lads were sceptical about some Scottish fella wanting to fly over from Ireland to the UK on a frequent basis to rehearse and gig for a Genesis tribute band. However I managed to convince them of my dedication and commitment to the band and got the call to join as I was waiting for my flight home to Dublin. I do it because I have loved Genesis since my early teens and also love to perform. I have been in many bands and still am in a couple over here in Ireland, but always look forward to my trips over to UK for rehearsals and especially gigs.

GGTB: That’s great! You’re a true jet-setting singer then! What are your musical influences?

Pete: Musical influences are obviously Genesis, but was introduced to prog through Marillion’s Script for a Jesters Tear. Other influences would be Pendragon, Yes , Pink Floyd.

GGTB: What technical challenges do you come across when you’re putting a Genesis style show on the stage?

Pete: I have nothing techie to add. I fly over with a microphone, plug it in and away I go. I am old school I’m afraid and the lads found it hard to convince me to use IEM (in ear monitors) instead of wedges for gigging. Have to say I am glad I took their advice on that one.

GGTB: IEM’s certainly give a performer a great sound if they’re set up right. Which genesis tracks do you most enjoy performing on stage?

Pete: Favourite tracks to perform? Fading Lights would definitely be one but I enjoy doing all of our set list to be honest. Really need to learn to drum a bit though so that I have got something to do during the large musical interludes.

GGTB: Not sure I fancy lugging a massive drum kit over from Ireland for every show. A microphone is so much easier!

GGTB: So, what do we have to look forward to, from Afterglow?

Pete: We have a busy year ahead with the band. This is our first full year of gigging with me out front, so I am looking forward to it. Doing three dates in a row in Scotland in June, including a home gig for me in Dunfermline. Really looking forward to catching up with a few mates at these gigs.

GGTB: How did you first discover Genesis?

Pete: My brother in law is really responsible for getting me into Genesis. I think I was around 14 or 15 years old when he let me borrow Seconds Out (still don’t think I gave him it back yet). I was hooked from then on.

GGTB: Genesis are fairly unique in that every member seems to have a solo career that’s still ongoing after all these years. Do you like what they’re doing?

Pete: I follow all of the members and ex members of Genesis. Recently saw Phil Collins on the Not Dead Yet Tour in Dublin, supported by Mike and the Mechanics. It was sad to see him not able to move around like he used to however, he could still belt out a tune whilst sitting on a chair for the whole gig. Really enjoyed it and managed to bump into Tony Smith at the gig also which was a bonus.

GGTB: Wow, you met the business brains behind Genesis huh? I’d love to meet him. Thanks for the interview Pete. Best of luck to you and Afterglow with the upcoming shows.

Pete: No problem. Good to chat. Now I’ll head back over to the GGTB forum for some more Genesis-esque conversation!  🙂

Want to find out more about Afterglow and their show? Head over to the Afterglow website.

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